Company values of Turing Insights

Company values of Turing Insights
Damian Coetzee
Damian Coetzee

Company values of Turing Insights and why they are important for all companies.

Company values of Turing Insights, what we offer our clients, and why they are held so highly in our eyes.


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service, therefore delivering a premium solution to our clientele.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our clientele’s lives.


We uphold the highest standards in all of our actions.


What is the importance of company core values? Forbes reports that more than half of executives agree that business core values influence all aspects of a business, from profitability to creativity. Entrepreneur reports a powerful statistic on the impact of corporate core values on staff turnover: When a business’ core values fail to create a rich company culture, turnover spikes from just 14% to a whopping 48%. Company values create the intangible culture that defines your company, for better or for worse.

Company culture is about much more than giving employees flex-time or having weekly happy hours. A strong organizational culture must be built on a solid foundation made up of company core values that are explained and embraced by all those who work for the business. These values dictate everything from how the team communicates with each other and the customers to how they implement and promote innovation in the workplace. When values are strong and modeled from the top-down, creativity blooms and customers take notice.

On the other hand, when core values are weak, confusing or missing from a company completely, employees and managers alike are left in the dark. They aren’t sure what’s expected of them and often do things that damage the company. This also poses a challenge for HR as they don’t have guidelines on how to hire superstars and are at risk of putting together a team that will fight each other over every decision.

Given the impact of company values on the day-to-day viability of your business, the importance of corporate core values emerges as a tool for fine-tuning the direction in which your business is going. By taking care to establish transparent core values that genuinely reflect their team and product, businesses are able to resonate with consumers and staff alike.

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