Onboard digital scale

Digital payload scale system onboard your vehicle, optimising fleet management and control

Truck and trailer fittings

The onboard digital scale system allows for single axle readings for both truck and for trailer. Calibration data is saved in each unit, which make it easy to swap between different trailers in a fleet. Radio on the tractor and sensor on the trailer enable a precise gross weight reading regardless of weight distribution.

Avoid additional maintenance costs

Eliminate chances of damage due to overload and keep your warranty in check

Avoid unnecessary stops while avoiding fines

Don't waste time at weighbridges offloading incorrect amounts, causing fines that reduce profit

Real-time readings with route optimization

Real-time readings eliminate time wasted driving empty loads around

The precise payload each time

Never get refused at the weighbridge or mine because of incorrect loads

What you get with our system

Load sensors
Load lights
A digital radio
GPS tracking system

The Hardware

Multiple axle readings

Gross weight and payload calculation

Single & dual air inlet options

Mixed air & mechanical suspension for truck

Mechanical suspended front & rear options

Cabin & trailer versions

Serial output for printing & tracking (RS – 232)

Wireless & WiFi options

Instant Configuration
Under- construction!