Testing day with Turing and ProBulk

Testing day with Turing and ProBulk
Damian Coetzee
Damian Coetzee

A testing day with Turing and ProBulk in order to calibrate the hardware.

A testing day with Turing and ProBulk to calibrate our hardware with their trucks in order to optimize load efficiency.

We offer free calibration with your vehicles if you wish to begin your journey to an efficient fleet and optimal load percentage.


Why we do hardware testing

Hardware testing is usually more detailed and thorough than verification. Testing is needed to ensure that every component of a system is operating as it should and that the system is performing exactly in accordance with the specific local requirements.

A comprehensive structured testing program is one that ensures that all aspects of a system are tested. This is especially important for key systems such as electronic voting systems. Testing measures that could be followed include.

  • developing a set of test criteria
  • applying ‘non-operating’ tests to ensure that equipment can stand up to expected levels of physical handlings, such as transit drop tests
  • examining if appropriate any code ‘hard-wired’ in hardware (this code is sometimes known as firmware) to ensure its logical correctness and to ensure that appropriate standards are followed
  • applying functional tests to determine whether the test criteria have been met
  • applying qualitative assessments to determine whether the test criteria have been met
  • conducting tests in both ‘laboratory’ conditions and in a variety of ‘real-life’ conditions
  • conducting tests over an extended period of time, to ensure systems can perform consistently
  • conducting ‘load tests’, simulating as closely as possible a variety of ‘real-life’ conditions and using or exceeding the amounts of data that could be expected in an actual situation
  • verifying that ‘what goes in’ is ‘what comes out’, by entering known data and checking that the output agrees with the input
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