Mobile weighbridge solutions

Optimize your vehicle

Payload management hardware

NEW TECHNOLOGY – Weight Measuring technology allowing for unique capabilities, including in-cab display

ROBUST DESIGN – Tried and tested hardware design that has been validated in global environments also with local team Truck World.

HIGHLY ACCURATE – Custom technology allows for highly accurate measuring of weight with 1,5% to 2.0% deviation to static weighbridge reading.

RETROFITTABLE TO TRAILERS – Our technology can be configured for a variety of trailers and includes load indicators visible to the loader operator.

SATELLITE FUNCTIONALITY (OPTIONAL) – Operations in remote locations can be tracked using satellite.

TAMPER-PROOF – Hardware has built in tamper-proofing detection and alerts.


Cloud based analytics software

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Measures an increase and decrease in weight  at loading or tipping with corresponding geo-location.

EVENT ENGINE – Analytics event engine that processes Overloading, Underloading, Gain/Loss events and Bulk Residual Weight.

TRAILER WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION – Incorporates bridge formula, weight measurements per axle/group, GVM and other legislative parameters across the vehicle.

REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS – Real time notifications based on thresholds set for urgent events or legal infringements.

USER AND ASSET MANAGEMENT – Customizable user permissions and roles coupled with flexible asset management and grouping ability.

ASSET TRACKING AND UTILIZATION–Additional software modules include standard Asset tracking and asset capacity utilization.